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Why another comment extension?

There are already several comment-formatting extensions for Visual Studio: CommentsPlus, redmuffin.MultiAdornment, JR Keywords, DoxygenComments, VS10x Comments Extender, SharpComments, and others, I’m sure. Most of these provide some basic additional handling for comments by using a leading character to provide different formatting.

Commentator, on the other hand, seeks to make writing and updating comments a much more natural and useful experience. What if the process of writing or editing comments felt more like using Word? If adding a word or two in the middle of a comment didn’t mean deciding between jaggedly uneven line lengths or manually reflowing to the next line (and the next, and the next). What if you didn’t have to pay any attention to which column you were in, because what you type automatically moves to the next line as needed?

Welcome to Commentator.